20TPD Soya Flour Milling Machine Exported to Pakistan

Soybean flour is a bean powder made from defatted soybeans. Soybean flour not only has a high soy protein content and a relatively high unsaturated fatty acid content but also possesses health benefits such as anti-aging and brain health, making it a highly nutritious food.

20 TPD Soya Flour Milling Plant Exported to Pakistan

20 TPD Soya Flour Milling Plant Exported to Pakistan

Therefore, a numble of increasing farmers or people who are planning to start a soya flour flour milling business in their countries have big problems on where to buy cost-effective soya flour flour milling machines for soya flour processing. Here, just check the equipment of 20TPD small soya flour milling plant we exported to Pakistan.

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20TPD Small Scale soybean Flour Mill built in Pakistan

Below is the main picture of equipment inspection of a complete set of 20tpd soya flour flour production line that was ready to export to Pakistan.

6 Set Soy Flour Milling Machinery for Sale
Factory Price 6 Set Soybean Flour Milling Machinery to Pakistan
Cost-effective Soybean Combined Cleanig Machine
Cost-effective Soybean Combined Cleanig Machine
Soybean Flour Sifer in Grain Mill
Soybean Flour Sifer
Loading of 20TPD Soya Flour Production Line
Loading of 20TPD Soya Flour Production Line

This 20TPD particular soybean processing equipment, designed for home use and generally small business scale, has become highly preferred by small scale business people. Most clients are referring to the small capacity flour mill that has aced the rural setting, because it consumes less energy, requires less output and its production quality is higher.

20TPD Flour Mill Plant Parameters

Capacity 18-22 tons/24hrs Power about 80kw
Flour Milling Rate

Superfine Flour:70%--75%;
Standard Flour: 85% (National Standard: GB1355)

Power Consumption about 65kwh
Tempering Time 18-28 hrs Water Consumption 15-20 tons
Moisture Content in Roller Feed 14.5-16.5% Workshop Dust ≤10mg/㎡

Our small soya flour milling unit or production line is definitely a stepping stone for flour business people who are just starting out and are looking to buy large flour mills in future. They also get funded by some financial institutions. Get the latest price list and machine paramaters by clicking blow form!

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Why Start a Small Soya Flour Milling Plant Business?

Small scale soya flour milling facilities are BEST choice to start a soya flour milling company business or a soya flour milling company since it has many features that attracts people who are interested in soya flour processing.

20TPD Soy Flour Mill Plant for Sale
20TPD Soy Flour Mill Plant for Sale

  •     Cheap Price & Low Setting up Cost

Compared to large flour mills, small flour milling plants offer a cost-effective setup. The initial costs, including purchasing and installation, are lower.  According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the average cost of setting up a small flour mill to produce 10 to 20 tons of flour per day is approximately US$190,000 to US$250,000. This cost includes factory layout design, flour milling machinery cost and initial raw material expenses.

  •    Affordable Flour

Final flour product is more affordable to consumers due to lower operational costs. Technological improvements have increased capacity at a minimal expense, contributing to cost efficiency.

  •     Compact Size and Easy Maintenance

Small flour milling plants are characterized by their compact size, making them easier to transport, install, and maintain compared to larger projects. The maintenance cost of a small flour milling plant is estimated to be around 5-8% of the total equipment cost annually. Their size also contributes to fewer breakdowns, reducing maintenance costs over time.

  •    High Degree of Automation

Small-scale soybean flour milling plants occupy a small area and feature a high degree of automation, requiring a small initial investment. The average processing capacity of a small soybean flour milling plant is around 5-8 tons per day. They also have a wide processing range, making them ideal for soya flour milling business plans. 

  •     Advanced Flour Milling Technology

Small soya flour milling plants are equipped with advanced technology that separates the peeling system from the slapping system, both of which are driven by a single power source. This integration saves manpower, space, and equipment costs. The operation of these machines is also straightforward, enhancing efficiency during work.

ABC Machinery provides advanced small mill solutions, including low-cost factory construction, selection of soybean milling equipment, subsequent machine maintenance and highly automated process technology. Our solutions are not only affordable, but also help you reduce operating costs and increase productivity. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced mill operator, we have the right solution for you. Feel free to contact us for more details!

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