Small Scale Flour Mill Machinery

10 TPD Small-sacle Wheat Flour Milling Line at Low Price
10 Ton/Day Wheat Flour Milling Machine at Best Price
20 TPD Small Flour Production Plant for Rice Wheat Corn Flour
20 TPD Small Flour mill Plant for Rice Wheat Corn Flour

Small flour milling machinery is designed for small scale flour production. Its unit has two main workshops, one is sieving section and the other is flour milling section.
Its sieving room is designed with one sifter, one scraper, one de-flourer and one dampering. Among them, M6FTY-10 is mainly composed of two high-efficiency 6FY-35 flour milling machines, three roll separators and one set of air net. M6FTY-20 is similar to its structure, but the difference is that it consists of five M6FY-35 type flour milling single machines.

Main Technical Parameters of Small Scale Flour Mill Plant

Model M6FTY-10 M6FTY-20
Capacity(Ton/Day) 10-12 18-22
Extraction Rate 78% 85%
Quality Standard GB1351
Matched Power 26.5kw,3 phase,380v,50hz 59.9kw,3 phase,380v,50hz
Factory Size(L*W*H) 6.6*3.8*3.5m 18*7*5m

Highlights of the Small-scale Flour Milling Plant

  • Compact and Efficient Design: our domestic flour mill line is designed for small spaces, ensuring efficient use of your facility while maintaining high production capacity.

  • Automation Technology: This machine adopts reasonable and practical wind-powered flour lifting system, completing the whole process of feeding, grinding, powder lifting and sieving at one time, with a high degree of automation, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

  • Customized Options: We offer flexible configurations mini flour grinding plant to meet your specific grain processing needs, whether it's wheat, corn or other grains.

  • Reliability and Durability: Our high-quality flour milling equipment is built to last, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, ensuring a strong return on your investment.

If you are interested in our small wheat flour mill line or want to know more about this samll-scale flour milling machinery price and equipment detailsplease don't hesitate to send us an enquiry. Tell us your your confusion and we'll do the best to help you!

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Hot Sale Small Grain Flour Milling Plant

Hot Sale Mini Grain Flour Grinding Plant at Factory Price

Hot Sale Mini Grain Flour Grinding Plant at Factory Price

  • Range of application: small modern flour mills that need to automatically manufacture high quality wheat, corn/maize, rice and other grain flours; family flour milling workshops and pilot production lines for medium to large milling companies.

  • Applicable raw materials: Flour is a powder made from grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, etc.. Among them, wheat flour and corn flour are common staple foods worldwide. Other grain flours such as rice flour, tapioca flour, rye flour, sorghum flour, coffee flour, soybean flour etc. are also essential for human food.

Cost-effective small flour grinding Machinery is one of the hottest selling small flour milling line. It features small size, high efficiency and easy operation. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for individual households, family workshops, and small flour enterprises planning to enter the field of flour production.

Small Scale Grian Flour Production Processing

Small Wheat Flour Mill Processing Flowchart
M6FTY-10 Small Wheat Flour Processing Plant

The M6FTY-10 small flour milling machine offers a comprehensive processing solution, tailored to meet the needs of small-scale flour production. It stands out due to its compact size, exceptional efficiency, and user-friendly operation. The production process is divided into two primary workshop sections:

Wheat Cleanin​g Section:

Wheat Cleaning Section in Factory-price Flour Mill Line
Wheat Screening, Destoning and Cleaning Workshop 

The screening section plays a crucial role in the initial stages of grain processing. It is designed to ensure the raw grains are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for milling. This section consists of the following key components:

  •    Sifter: The sifter efficiently separates larger impurities, such as stones and large debris, from the incoming grains. This initial screening step helps maintain the quality of the final flour product.

  •    Destoner: The destoner effectively eliminates any remaining heavy impurities, such as stones, ensuring the grains are free from any foreign objects that could compromise the milling process.

  •    Dampering: Dampering is an essential process for adjusting the moisture content of the grains, which optimizes their milling characteristics. Proper moisture control is critical for achieving high-quality flour.

Flour Millin​g Section:

Small Flour Mill Plant Main Step: Flour Milling
Flour Milling Woekshop

  •    6FY-35 Flour Milling Machines (Two Sets): These milling machines are at the heart of the flour production process. They grind the grains into fine flour by repeatedly passing them through a series of rollers. The result is a consistent and finely ground flour suitable for a variety of applications.

  •    Reel Separators (Three Sets): Reel separators are used to sift and classify the milled flour, separating it into different grades based on particle size. This allows for precise control over the final product's quality and texture.

  •    Air Net (One Set): The air net assists in the further separation of fine particles from the coarser ones, ensuring the final product meets the desired specifications and standards.

Small-scale flour milling machinery is equipped with advanced components to guarantee the production of high-quality flour, making it an ideal choice for small-scale flour millers!(Read More: Cost-effective Medium & Large Flour Production Plants)

Small & Medium-sized Flour Grinding Machinery Price at ABC Machinery

There are numerous manufacturers of flour milling equipment on the market, each of which varies in material selection and quality of workmanship, resulting in a wide range of prices.

The pricing of small and medium-sized flour grinding mill at ABC Machinery is inherently more competitive compared to larger equipment offerings. In addition, ABC Machinery has our own flour milling equipment processing plant, with the same price, our quality and service are the most advantageous!

Best Price Flour Mill Plant On-site Installation & Shipment
Flour Mill Machine On-site Installation & Shipment

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