How to Maintain Your Own Home Flour Mill Equipment

As we all know, the general development direction of milling equipment manufacturers is large-scale, intensified, and mechanized. So in recent years, the establishment of a milling plant is a profitable thing. If your financial and investment capacity is relatively insufficient, it is not enough to build a large flour processing machinery factory, you can choose to build a small mill at home. This is also an advantage for the development direction of small-scale milling machinery. As long as there is advancement in technology and technology, it can be fully developed in terms of quality and safety.

Setting up home flour milling machine
Setting up small flour milling plant at home

When flour machines and grain machinery at your own home are used in busy farming, attention must be paid to the daily cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment. ABC Machinery provides manufacturing, installation and commissioning and after-sale service. If you want to learn more information about our household flour mill machine,please feel free to  contact us !

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The Actual Operation Process of Home Flour Milling Machine

10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Machine for Sale
10TPD Wheat Flour Mill Machine for Sale
Sell Wheat Mill at Ex-factory Price
Sell Wheat Mill at Ex-factory Price

The flour mill is a production line type in the whole process of production and processing, basically without the participation of human services, add wheat from one end of the wheat flour machine, and you will get the detailed information from the other end.

Wheat flour. The wheat flour machine has a higher level of automation technology. Compared with the wheat flour machine, the wheat flour machine basically does not require manual service during the production process. It is similar to all wheat flour machines that require manual service.


In comparison, the wheat flour machine is not only an assembly line production, but also an automated technical work, with high production efficiency and high cost performance for wheat flour. The actual production process is as follows:

Small Wheat Milling Process
Small Wheat Milling Process

  •  First, select the residue. Before using whole wheat flour to mechanically process wheat flour, it is necessary to select raw materials, remove the residues in the raw materials, and reasonably ensure the production quality of the whole flour machine

  • .Second, clean up the raw materials. During the production and processing of wheat flour, the raw materials need to be cleaned, which can not only ensure the environmental sanitation of the food, but also benefit the mid-to-late production of the whole wheat flour machine.

  • The third is the transportation of raw materials. The whole wheat flour machine conveyor belt is used to transport the raw materials in, and the stainless steel water pipe is used for vacuum suction to start the production and processing of the whole wheat flour machine.

  • The fourth is commodity production and processing. After the above process is ready, the whole wheat flour machine can be used to start the production of wheat flour, and the whole wheat flour machine can be produced after this step.

Daily Maintenance and Cleaning of Small Flour Mills

Daily Inspection and Maintenance of Wheat Flour Mill
Daily Inspection and Maintenance of Wheat Flour Mill

When the flour mill and grain machinery are used in busy farming, we must pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment. The daily maintenance of the small flour mill and the actual operation of the grain cleaning should be checked once in a working day to check whether there are loose screws and whether the centrifugal fan is dirty. Introduce lubricating oil once within 5 working days to prevent damaging the rolling bearing of the flour machines. The centrifugal fan of the grain cleaner rotates at high speed, please install a protective cover before starting to avoid personal injury.

Lubrication is a very important item in the maintenance and management of the equipment. If the position is not guaranteed, not only will it be easy to cause damage to the middle of the component, but in more serious cases, it will also cause scratches on the friction surface of the mechanical equipment. Or teeth bite, which leads to common failures. Therefore, it is reminded that actual operators must attach great importance to lubrication work and make timely lubrication countermeasures.

The employees must moisturize the whole wheat or maize flour machine, and the content to be guaranteed includes, as far as possible, to supply and change the oil on time. Ensure that the oil level gauge is bright, the oil pipe is unblocked, and the service life of the whole wheat flour machine is prolonged. It will damage the gasoline pump, cause blockage of the fuel pipe, and endanger the working effect of the whole wheat flour machine. Small flour mills that are not used for a long time should be cleaned, greased, and covered with a protective cover.

10TPD of Wheat Mill Introduction Video

ABC Machinery has been committed to the development and production of grain processing machinery, mainly covering wheat flour, corn and grain processing , grain screening and cleaning , and lifting and conveying equipment. And we  provide customers with complete technical information and high-quality after-sales service. Following the principle of innovation and refinement,product technology and quality levels have been developing steadily !

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