How to Setup Small Flour Mill Processing Plant?

As it is known that flour mill processing plant is composed of complex process, though you plan to setup a small scale flour mill processing plant, which means that flour mill is not one single machine, it refers more to a series of flour processing equipment. In order to complete the flour production process better, flour mill installation and debugging of each part need to do carefully before starting the production process. (Related article: maize milling machine price)

Main Process of Small Flour Mill Processing Plant

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  • The first step of flour production process is screening, screening process is to remove the impurity in the wheat. Or the impurity may destroy the flour milling machine, increasing the maintenance cost. (Read more: flour mill project cost)

  • The second process is cleaning, which is to wash the clean wheat grains or cereal. This step ensures the clean of flour and helps the grain or cereal wheat peeling;

  • The third procedure is convey the wheat by an iron pipe;

  • Final step is to grinding wheat raw material, it is a completely automated continuous process from wheat peeling to grinding, no longer need the artificial operation. (See more: how much does a flour mill cost)

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M6FY-Series Flour Mill for Sale

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This M6FY-series model flour milling machine is our hot sale model. It is manufactured with small production capacity, but with high efficiency, compact structure and nice appearance, also having the advantages of low energy-consumption, low noise, good performance, and high efficiency. This flour mill machine is suitable for various grains, including wheat, corn, sorghum, soybean etc. (Related article: how to process maize into flour pdf)

Hot Sale Flour Mill Machine Type Data

Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg) Packing (mm)
M6FY-30 7.5 300 300 1100*670*1260
M6FY-35 7.5 350 560 1300*750*1430
M6FY-40 11 400 600 1300*750*1430
M6FY-50 15 500 810 1450*800*1500

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How to Setup Professional Small Flour Mill Processing Plant?

  • The first is the installation of the main components of grinding roller, it is the core component of flour mill, clean the around parts before installation that make preparation for the lubrication. (Read more: how to build a flour mill)

  • Adjustment is needed after the roller is installed, because the gap size between them has relation with flour yield rate and the quality of flour.

  • Finally install the rest of the flour mill accessories. Trial operation needs after installation, this is also an opportunity to adjust flour mill parts accessories coordination degree. Successful trial run before put in production use. (Read more: rice processing plant cost)

Successful Flour Mill Projects Setup around the World

We not only offer the single flour milling machine, but also providing turkey flour mill machinery with professional grain and cereal small flour mill processing plant. If you have any idea or interest in flour milling, please contact us for free!

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