Why Buy Small Scale Flour Mill Machinery?

Small Scale Flour Mill Machinery Is More Popular

We know that different products correspond to different market demand, for the small and medium-sized grain flour processing users, it must be the small scale flour mill machinery. It is more suitable for rural and small grain milling machine operations. And whether processing or operation is very simple, ordinary family purchase can soon start to operate.

Small Scale Flour Milling Machinery

M6FX Series Flour Mill Machinery for Sale

This series of flour milling machinery have a compact structure, regulated design, lifting and grading material by round handle. Skin and corn are milled separately. Material storehouse is on ground and the flour and bran can be recieved on ground too.(Related article: fully automatic flour mill plant cost>>)

Main Technical Pa​rameter





Capacity (kg/h)




Power (KW)








Packing size




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Advantages of Buying Small Scale Flour Mill Machinery

During grain production process, what are the advantages of small flour mill? In the following, we make a comparative analysis with small flour machinery in some aspects.

  • The price. Small flour equipment processors do not require high output and are not willing to invest large capital because of their low demand for grains, which belongs to the user group of price sensitive, low output and quality requirements. (Read more: cost of setting up a flour mill >>)
  • The size. Small flour machinery structure is simple, covering small area, whether it is in processing or installation, operation is relatively simple, process performance is also better.
  • The structure. Small flour machinery combines the feeder, conical mill and separation system, set grinding, feed processing machine in one, more suitable to setup new business plan for the new startups. (Read more: how to build a flour mill?>>)
  • During the flour mill process, small flour machine shape is relatively small, not easy to produce excessive cattle not easy to produce excessive torque or bonding flour. But also rice, corn, sorghum and other grains, convenient and flexible, suitable for people to operate.

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HOT Sale small scale flour mill machinery offered by flour mill machinery manufacturer or supplier - Guide on process of small scale flour production and How to start small scale flour mill business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc. If you want to process a larger volume, click here for large scale flour mill project.

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