Start A 20 Ton/Day Wheat Milling Process Business in Ecuador

Wheat is one of the three major food crops in the world. It is the most widely distributed and planted food crop in the world. Over 30% of the population feed on wheat as the staple food. The main producing areas include the 27 EU countries, China, India, Russia, and the United States. In order to ensure global food security, the area of wheat cultivation has gradually expanded, and the global wheat production, consumption, and trade volume have been increasing year by year.

20 Ton/Day Wheat Milling Process Business in Ecuador
20 Ton/Day Wheat Milling Process Business in Ecuador

Recently, an Ecuadorian customer found us to purchase several sets of wheat flour production equipment through our website. He is a farmer who grows some grains and sells grains at the same time, such as the sale of wheat and wheat flour. Buy high-quality wheat flour mill equipment or production lines that meet the production needs, ABC Machinery is a good choice!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Main Machines of 20 Ton/Day wheat milling process Business  

20TPD wheat flour production equipment is specially designed and manufactured for one of our customers,and it is mainly used for the production of small household wheat flour mills, and for investors to start wheat flour milling business.

A Set pf Fan of Wheat Flour Milling
A Set pf Fan of Wheat Flour Milling
Bucket Elevator for Wheat Flour Milling Machine
Bucket Elevator for Wheat Flour Milling Machine
20TPD Wheat Flour Making Machine
20TPD Wheat Flour Making Equipment for Sale 
Part of Complete Wheat Flour Milling Plant
Part of Complete Wheat Flour Milling Plant

If you are a farmer and want to buy a small-scale wheat flour mill production line for your own use. Welcome to contact us to get a complete and customized wheat milling process business plan with detailed cost information!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Video of wheat milling production line

Here is the running video sent from our customer. If you have any questions about the small scale wheat flour milling production process, please contact us for more information!

Customized wheat flour mill Production Process Design

Wheat processing technology is the process of turning wheat into flour to meet various needs. A good processing process can improve the efficiency of the wheat processing plant, meet the energy-saving, environmental protection, high-quality, and high-efficiency production conditions to the greatest extent, and enable customers to have a long-term, stable, and continuously profitable processing plant.


1. Cleaning process

       To make good flour, we have to start with the raw grains. First, pre-processing the wheat. The purpose of pre-processing the wheat is to remove impurities, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and ensure the quality of the finished product. Due to the selection, cultivation, harvesting, threshing, airing, drying, transportation and storage of wheat, it is inevitable to be mixed with various impurities. And this process of cleaning up impurities is the cleaning process of wheat.

2. Milling system

  •  After the pre-processing of the wheat is finished, we will send the wheat to the milling system for milling. The purpose of our flour milling is to mechanically process the clean wheat after cleaning and moisture adjustment into wheat flour with different needs, and at the same time separate the by-products. The purpose of grinding is to use mechanical force to peel the wheat grains, then scrape the endosperm on the bran flakes, and then grind the endosperm into a certain fineness of wheat flour. The main equipment is a roller mill.
  •  In the flour milling system, sieving is also an essential item. The purpose of sieving is to classify the ground or impacted materials according to the size of the particles, and to filter out the wheat flour. The main equipment is flat screen, bran beater and bran brushing machine.
  •   Powder cleaning is also an important part of flour milling. The purpose of cleaning powder is to purify the ground or screened materials and improve the overall flour quality. The commonly used equipment is a powder cleaner.

3. Refined processing of finished products

         The last is the post-processing of the flour. This process is the final stage of wheat processing, which includes the collection of flour, the mixing of flour, the weighing and the addition of trace elements. Flour collection is the collection, combination and inspection of the flour sifted out by various flat sieves in the flour milling process. Flour blending can make the ground flour meet the needs of various noodle products, and at the same time make the product quality stable.

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