Why Indian Flour Mill Favored in This Country

India has been developing very fast in its industrial and agriculture production these years. However, It is still a developing country based on agriculture, which plays a vital role in its national economy. There are some reasons why Indian flour mill is favored and needed in this country.

The agriculture of India mainly based on crop cultivation, which mainly plants grain crops, including wheat, rice, millets, sorghums, maize and barleys. So there are a great demand of Indian flour mill for the market. Different kinds of small and large flour mills are both needed in this country.

The social economic structure of Indian agriculture is that feudal, individual and capitalist economic sectors coexist, the small peasant economy dominates in this country and the business scale of each farmer is small. Besides, the traditional agriculture also occupies a dominant position. The agriculture depends largely on natural conditions such as the climate and the rain water. The traditional production tools and manual labor also play an important role in Indian agriculture. So domestic Indian flour mill is very popular. The small mills are small in size, light in weight and elegant in shape, easy to move, take and use. They can be put on the table, in house corner or in kitchen room.

On the other hand, the Indian government has also taken some measures such as carrying out a new development strategy and increasing technology input to improve its agriculture. This new strategy adopts high-yielding varieties, combines water, fertilizer and pesticides to develop modern agriculture. Thus, large size Indian flour mill has an urgent demand in the market. Because of their highly efficient, large production, it will satisfy the huge demands of the market.

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