Wheat Flour Machinery Processing Principle and Performance

Eat refined food is easy to cause diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease etc. According to relevant data, people’s demand for grain food is increasing at an annual rate of 15%, there is huge gap between supply and demand market.

Wheat flour machinery processing Wheat flour machinery also called grain mill, grain flour machine, wheat grinding machine, corn milling machine etc.

Performance characteristics: simple structure, excellent processing technology, small in size, convenient operation, and the flour quality is great.

Structure: wheat flour machinery consists of feeding, conical grinding and separation system. Materials: our wheat flour machinery can process wheat, rice, millet, corn, soybean, sesame, soybean, sorghum, barley and other grains.

Decades experience in flour mill machinery manufacturing and research & development, we KMEC are manufacturing, marketing, scientific research and design combined into one professional modern company. In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, our plant develops innovative technology, build close cooperation with colleges. We collect domestic and foreign advanced technology, and have developed hundreds of products. The quality and performance of wheat flour machinery have reached advanced level than similar products at home and abroad.

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