What Services Should Flour Mills Provide

As a professional flour mills should provide not only quality and reliable products, the more important is its service. Flour machine is now often used in the food industry of a mechanical equipment, it plays an important role in the production of flour, with the enlargement of the flour using range, flour production is also increasing, then the corresponding number of flour mills would increase. If you want to increase the market share you must not neglect the development of the service. Flour mills service is mainly embodied in two aspects.

On the one hand is pre-sale service which mainly provides relevant technical training of mechanical operation process, this will reduce the error rate when operating and can also help mechanical protection. So at this point is very important.

On the other hand is the guarantee of after-sales service. To provide a complete after-sales service is the most common way to let consumer trust, and is also the best way to maintain company reputation, providing after-sales service helps to further understand the needs of the consumers, in order to provide more in line with the market demand of mechanical equipment, also help to complete the follow-up sales.

The above two points are a flour mills should pay attention to the questions about the service.

The Basis of Introduction to Flour Mill Maintenance
Flour mill is the necessary machine of small and medium-sized flour production enterprises, it used very frequently in the daily work, in the event of damage will affect the enterprise production efficiency, and cause huge losses, as a consequence, basic care should be timely on flour mill in the daily work to delay the aging speed, improve the service life and make it maximum efficiency.

  1. Fuel up flour mill for maintenance frequently, keep it running smoothly and reduce running problem caused by the damage of the machine.
  2. Inspection on flour mill parts often, such as to check whether there is noise or running parts overheating phenomenon, to avoid bigger problems that affect operation.
  3. Regularly check the flour mill parts whether there is a screw loose phenomenon, in a timely intensify the flour mill screws, replace those of old aging screws in time, maintain the stability of the flour mill.
  4. Timely clean the wood shavings and other debris around the flour mill, once the stuff go to the interior machine, they will affect the rotation of the engine, causes the damage of the engine, affect the use of the engine.

In line with an emphasis on prevention in daily work, pay attention to the maintenance of flour mill, it cannot be used until there is a major fault impact to repair. Prevent the occurrence of large fault, affects the use of flour mill and the enterprise flour production work smoothly.

Good flour mill needs high-tech technology research and development, constantly introducing new technology and method to the product design and manufacturing, makes the operation, maintenance more convenient, to realize accurate control, enhance the reliability and stability. New design method of electromechanical integration technology, computer aided design, pneumatic technology, advanced manufacturing technology, man-machine engineering, green design, reliability design are adopted in order to achieve these objectives.

We believe first-class management team is essential for a quick development of flour machinery and equipment company. And if you want to become a recognized by the industry and highly efficient development of enterprise, first-class management and after sales team is the most basic guarantee of two elements. KMEC has advanced management team and the first-class service system, we make every effort to do contribution to the flour machinery industry and society.

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