To Become Better Than Buhler Flour Mill Machine

Newton once said: “If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” For us, Buhler is like an old man, he has long history and experience, but we KMEC maybe can do better than Buhler flour mill machine.

We are new and we have new technology, we can absorb Buhler’s most advantages and do better in this respect. We have new strategic vision and thoughts. We believe we can see further than Buhler someday in the near future.

So we can’t deny that a famous brand has its own advantages, but we also have to realize its disadvantages. Buhler has many production lines in various products. But we are a professional manufacturer in flour mill machine. We-KMEC was set up in 1992 with a few people in Anyang which is an old capital 3000 years ago in China’s history, now a big manufacturer with many employees. We have subsidiaries in Russia and Hong Kong. We make such big progress in just 20 years, so we believe we can be more professional and give our customers more surprises in the future. We focus more on our machines than Buhler. For Buhler, flour mill machine is just a small part of their large production. For KMEC, we attach our full attention on our products.

We have the complete series including grain cleaning equipment, flour milling equipment and auxiliary machines. Buhler flour mill machine may be more expensive for you. But the products of KMEC are more practical and reasonable to you. We are a manufacturer that deserves your attention! So stop for a moment to have an understanding of us and you will stop your buying step.

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