The Main Advantages of Electric Stone Mill

You may have used many kinds of flour mills, each of them presents advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will introduce the advantages of electric stone mill:

1. Green & environmental protection: millstone adopts the high hardness of white sandstone as raw material, which contains a variety of trace elements and minerals. Our electric stone mill is environmental protection & healthy.

2. Energy conservation and emission reduction: it is low speed, energy conservation and consumption reduction. The scientific design makes the mechanical and stone mill organic combination. Our electric stone mill is less power consumption, small area occupation, easy operation and low cost.

3. Variety: according to different raw material, the electric stone mill can grind grain, bean curd, sesame oil, rice, peanut butter etc., and there is household manual soya-bean milk stone mill. Excellent quality and popular with customers.

We KMEC are specialized in the production of small flour mill machine, cleaning machine, purifier, flour sieve equipment etc. With its unique design concept, excellent flour milling process, we meet the different needs of all social strata.

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