How to Start Up Your Own Small Scale Maize Flour Mill?

Corn/maize flour is rich in nutrients. In the United States and some other developed countries, corn/maize has been listed as the first health food cereal, known as the "golden crop." Studies have found that corn/maize contains a large number of lecithin, linoleic acid, grain alcohol, vitamin E, cellulose. It has many health effects on blood pressure, blood lipid, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention of colorectal cancer, beauty and anti-aging, is also suitable for diabetics.

Start Up Maize Flour Milling Business
Start Up Maize Flour Milling Business

Maize is always a staple food in many countries, like Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and more. So, starting up a automatic flour mill plant for business would be profitable in many regions. It is possible to open and start up a new small scale maize flour mill. You don’t have a large scale flour mill plant.

But, how to start it? Where to get the required maize flour milling machine? Just like any other business, small scale maize flour milling business also requires enough capital, necessary equipment, and professional knowledge about flour milling process to ensure its success. (Read more: Maize Milling business plan >>)

Small Scale Maize Flour Mill Machine

As a key factor for small scale maize flour milling business, the selection of maize flour milling machine can decide the total cost of small scale maize milling factory, the quality of final produced maize flour. It is very important to buy a high quality and cost effective maize mill machine for your business. (Read more: Small Scale Maize Milling Machines in South Africa >>)

M6FX Mini Maize Flour Milling Machine

Mini Maize Flour Mill Machine
Mini Maize Flour Mill Machine

You can carry out this venture from the safety of your house. As long as the proper flour milling machines are purchase and used, the quality of the maize flour will not be compromised. You only need about $3,300 to purchase the mini maize flour milling machine. It is easy to operate and small in size. In any aspects, this equipment is a great choice to start up a small scale maize flour milling business in any places. In addition, it can also process wheat and other grains. (Read more: Small Scale Wheat Flour Milling Machine >>)

10~30TPD Small Scale Maize Flour Mill Plant

Small Scale Maize Flour Milling Plant
Small Scale Maize Flour Milling Plant

The small scale maize flour mill machine provided by ABC Machinery is designed by our experts who has more than 20 years of experiences in corn flour mill, the maize/corn flour extraction rate is 5~8% higher than the national standard and can totally ensure the quality of final produced maize flour. Our maize flour mill machine has compact structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and good performance and it can meet the requirements of different customers.

Serivce ABC Machiner Provides
To provide customers with advanced processing equipment and process design methods for grain processing technology;
► Develop effective solutions that can guarantee the maximum benefit of customers including consulting, design, manufacturing, installation and project management services;

To ensure that precious raw materials are carefully handled and have a voice in the market product quality, so that your production and labor costs can be reduced, to ensure the long-term profits of the enterprise
We also offer a range of solutions for the commercial development of by-products such as grain bran and germ.

Maize Flour Milling Machine Manufacturer
Maize Flour Milling Machine Manufacturer

Small Scale Maize Flour Milling Process

Small Maize Flour Milling Process
Small Maize Flour Milling Process
  • Impurities Screening: Before using flour processing machine to process flour, it is necessary to screen raw materials and remove impurities in raw materials, so as to effectively ensure the production quality of corn processing equipment and improve the nutritional value of products.
  • Clean Raw Materials: During maize flour milling process, raw materials need to be cleaned, which can not only ensure food hygiene, but also facilitate the production and processing of maize processing machine in the later stage.
  • Raw Materials Transportation: The conveyor belt of maize production machine or screw conveyors are used to transport raw materials into maize flour milling machine, which is vacuumed up by tubes of tin processing, and the processing work of corn processing equipment begins.
  • Maize Flour Milling: After the above steps are ready, the maize flour milling machine can be used to start the flour production work. Through these processes.

Maize Flour Milling Plant
Maize Flour Milling Plant

The above are the general maize flour milling process. For business purpose, the packaging for maize flour is also needed. Choosing a right and scientific maize flour production process can not only ensure the quality of processed products, but also effectively improve the production efficiency of small scale maize flour mill machines. It is also needed to note that regular maintenance for the equipment can ensure the longer services life of the equipment.

Parameter Dry matter Crude protein Crude fibre Crude fat NDF Water insoluble cell walls Starch Starch, enzymatic method Total sugars Gross energy (kcal) Gross energy (MJ)
As fed 87.4 9.1 4.2 6.8 18.5 21.3 49.3 45.8 2.4 4120 17.2
On DM Unit 100% 10.4% 4.9% 7.8% 21.1% 24.4% 56.4% 52.4% 2.8% 4710 kcal/kg 19.7 MJ/kg

How to Start Up Small Scale Maize Flour Mill Factory?

Getting more knowledge about maize milling will enable to earn a high amount of money. When you finally decide to enter this industry, it is better to a clear mind about how to start up it. Here are some tips for your reference in terms of small scale maize flour milling business.

  • Get Custom Business Plan

Just like any other business, you need to have the right plan to make sure everything is on the right track. Financial planning should be at the first place in your business plan due to its priority. It is better to have clears about your sources of funds and operating expenses and more. If you don’t have enough money, how can you solve such problem. Actually, now in any countries, it is relatively easy to get the loans if you have a good business project.

  • Prepare Factory Place and Corresponding Equipment

Although small scale maize flour milling business, it still needs some areas for the operation of the equipment. Then, find out a reliable flour mill manufacturer to purchase the corresponding equipment for maize flour production. Generally, a good supplier can not only save your money, but also can guarantee the quality of equipment.

  • Getting Business License and Permits

Before you start the business, check with the authorities in your local area. Find out what the regulations are regarding with this type of business. Get the right kinds of certificates and licenses before you can embark on the business. Some states require that you adhere to their strict rules regarding emission of particles in the air which could be responsible for causing explosions. Air pollution is also an issue which local authorities take very seriously and you could end up being arrested and forced to appear in court for breaking these rules.

Small Scale Maize Flour Milling Plant Production Video

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