Small Maize Mills of KMEC

You have to repeat grinding each batch of materials 3-4 times when you use the traditional small maize mills. The operator have to repeatedly put the corn residue into hopper continuously, not only do they need a large amount of labor, but also the process will produce a lot of dust, which is bad for our body's health.

A new type small maize machine of our company utilizes lifting devices. The milling device adopts traction crusher device, the machine also increase the draught fan, cyclone, closed-air aspirator, silos and duct equipment. Based on the suction effect of the draught fan, the materials or residue will rise up, under the action of the cyclone, it can separate materials in air, make materials enter the milling machine, and the air is discharged by the centrifugal separator.

The maize mill is a small investment, high degree of automation equipment, it can process different specifications and different corn flour, and it is particularly suitable for grain markets, supermarkets, schools and other hotels.

In addition, our company, KMEC also supplies peeling system for small modular corn grits machine, fully automatic sets of corn grits cornmeal processing equipment, the product design and production meet the relevant national standards, welcome consult and directly visit our company.

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