Machine to Process Cassava into Flour

This machine to process cassava into flour made of high quality stainless steel, mainly used in chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicine containing the roots, branches and block class materials, all kinds of low oil content grain and other hard and brittle materials.

cassava flour machine

Process of cassava into flour

By using the relative high-speed operation between the movable disc and the fixed gear disc, the crushed objects are crushed by the impact, friction and material collision of the disc. Material can be directly discharge from the grinding chamber, the general material should pass the cotton bags to collect after crushing, the air will come out of the small holes in the cotton bag, and it will not exhaust the fine powder.

cassava flour machine pack

Features of cassava flour machine

  • Turbine powerful grinding chamber: The high hardness solid teeth and the high speed rotating teeth grind the material passing through, and then pass through the sieve to the discharge hole.
  • Feeding speed adjustment: Simple structure, easy to operate. Screw the top screw loose and tighten the lock.
  • Elastic nut: Safety warehouse cover device to solve the worry during your operation.
  • Wide round discharge hole: Stainless steel made, the material discharging is faster, smoother and easier to clean.
  • Broad hopper: Smooth edge design to prevent cutting hands, feeding is more secure.
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