Flour Milling After Wheat Debranning

Flour milling technology

flour milling technology

Usually, for wheat processing, we adopt the technology of milling after wheat debranning.

The main characteristic of technology of flour milling after wheat debranning:

  1. Shorten the flour system, reduce grading and purification technology. The level of traditional flour mill plant process (including scratch roll and tailing roll) is a total of 15. Flour milling after wheat debranning amount to 13 process, reduce by 13.3% - 46.7% than the traditional grade flour mill plant. And the number of equipment and plant area correspondingly decrease.
  2. Cut down the tempering time. Traditional tempering time is 18-30 h commonly, flour mill plant which adopt milling after wheat debranning can cut down to 10-12 h, capacity of conditioning bin reduce proportionally.
  3. Improve the production capacity of around 10%.
  4. Reduce flour mill plant cost. Due to shorten of flour system and tempering time, investment save 20% - 30% than traditional flour mill plant.
  5. Improve flour colour. 60% - 70% of the total wheat cortex has been removal beforegrind, the bran flour were mixed with dust source is reduced by 60% - 70%, thus improve flour colour.
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