Flour Mill of Wheat Milling Process

Before the wheat milling process starts the wheat must first be cleaned. Magnets remove any ferrous metal objects, stones and other foreign objects. Currents of air remove the dust and chaff. Our new colour sorter separates impurities from wheat by color and so reducing the overall product waste and improving flour quality.

Wheat conditioning is the dampening with water until the desired moisture levels are reached. After conditioning the wheat is ready for milling. This is the blending of different wheats needed to produce each specific flour. The milling process is what gives each flour its own unique taste and characteristics.

wheat milling process

Wheat flour milling is a gentle process of extracting as much as possible of the endosperm from the inside of the grain of wheat. This is achieved by passing the cleaned wheat through a series of fluted rollers rotating at different speeds. The roll stear opens the grains of wheat separating the white inner portion from the outer skins. The particles of broken wheat grain are the separated by passing through a complex arrangement of sieves. The white particles of endosperm and semolina are then passed into a series of smooth rollers for their final milling into white flour.

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