Detailed Process for Wheat Flour Milling

After fine pick, water and temperature condition, the wheat can be made bran, endosperm and malt separated to milling operation. Becasue the endosperm and bran combined very close, the separation of them should be careful to scrape clean and minimize the damage in avoid of waste. The whole wheat flour milling process is divided into coarse grinding, purification and reduction.

1. Coarse grinding is by using two serrated steel roller shafts rotating running in opposite direction at different speeds, with upper roller faster than downside roller 2.5 times. Split the scarfskin of wheat gently and get out of coarse granule and bran in flat and big flaky shape.

2. Through purification and keep the pure endosperm granule by fine separator accroding to different proportions. The light bran will float with injected wind power, the remaining heavier endosperm powder go to the reduction stage.

3.  After crush the endosperm by smooth roller flour mill, ground into powder. The crushed flat malt get out after germ separator (The process is what stone grinder can not work). Fine powder can be classified into different grade of flour by multi-storey rotary plansifter. The coarse granule sent to grind again (or use as bran). The fine particles can be cheap flour. The coarse debris sent to further milling process to remove malt and fine debris, the fine debris can be fine ground into top quality flour.

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