Complete Flour Milling Plant Common Breakdown and Solution

It's always well to cast an anchor to windward. It cannot be avoided the common breakdown of your complete flour milling plant. Knowing the common breakdown and learning how to solve it is very important to your production line. It will be good for its smooth working to take some necessary measures in time. In the following you will learn some common breakdown and its corresponding measures.

First, motor breakdown. Much too high temperature is one of the main reasons that the motor goes wrong. Other reasons are the bearings are lacking in oil, or there come dirts inside the bearings, or the bearings go wrong, or even the motor overloads.

Second, the spiral mixer breaks down due to two reasons: ① the motor veer is not right or the grain discharging holes stuck or the blades of the blender fracture, as a result, the grain discharging holes cannot discharge the grains. ② the agitator shaft of your complete flour milling plant cannot rotate due to too much grain feeding or the rotation band skids.

Third, the complete flour milling plant goes wrong. There maybe several reasons for this situation: ① the machine body shakes, you should tighten the grinding heads and bolts. ② the flour production reduces, you can adjust the springs to ensure the clearance between two rollers is the same and repair the worn gear grindings. ③ the flour temperature is too high. You should loosen the grinding rollers. If they are seriously worn out, repair or change them. When the temperature of the machine body is too high, shut off the machine to have a heat dissipation.

Finally, the cleaning sieve of your complete flour milling plant is out of order. There are several situation: ① too much materials are broken because the clearance between the gear tooth plates and sieving plates is too small. The sieving pores are much too big or they are damaged. ② the excessive vibration of the cleaning sieve or the shaking of screen frame due to the bolts and wooden wedges loose.

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